FlashPoint Network was started in early 2002 by founder, Jay Almers. The original intention for FlashPoint Network, playing on the word "Flash", was to become an online community of Web professionals and Flash developers to explore and expand on their skills and talents in the many facets of online media. Over the years, FlashPoint Network in its then-current role became less of a priority as Jay's freelance business started taking off. As Jay's customer base began to grow, he saw the need in forming a company rather than simply operating under his own name.

For months, Jay beat his head against the wall trying to come up with a name that was both catchy and inspiring, and would look professional on a business card. Finally, after receiving another bill for domain registration, it was as if a spark went off. It was that moment of irony that FlashPoint Network became what it is today; a full-service marketing and communications company. Offering services ranging from Web site design and development to Flash and multimedia projects, FlashPoint Network can provide you with a solution that not only fits your needs and budget, but exceeds your expectations as well. Our strategy for providing our customers with quality services at an affordable price is by listening to what they really need, not what we really want them to have.  The process is simple; we consult with our clients to determine their true needs and establish their goals for their project, develop and implement the project while keeping in constant communication with the customer, and finally deliver a product quickly and is ready to make an impact. Contact FlashPoint Network today to see how we can "ignite your imagination."

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